Teaching & Learning Senior Curriculum


Senior Curriculum


Subjects with Chinese as medium of Instruction:

Chinese Language, Chinese as a Second Language, Chinese Literature, Chinese History


Subjects with English as medium of Instruction:

English Language, Mathematics, Citizenship and Social Development (S4 to S6), Literature in English, Economics, Ethics and Religious Studies, Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (BAFS), Information and Communication Technology, Visual Arts, Music,Physical Education, Religious Education, GROW! (S4), Leadership (S4), Information Literacy (S4), Formation (S5 & S6), Steam & Culture (S.5)


The school adopts a block arrangement for electives in S4.  The following electives are offered

  • BAFS

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Chinese History

  • History

  • Chinese Literature

  • Literature in English

  • Visual Arts

  • Information and Technology Communication

  • Economics

  • Geography

  • Ethics and Religious Studies


In addition to the compulsory subjects at each level, students in S4 – S6 may choose subjects from the Blocks. The block system allows flexibility in combination of subjects from the Arts and Science stream. Students may opt for subject combinations that best suit their interests and future career plans.


In addition, a school-based curriculum including GROW!, LEADERSHIP and FORMATION, Information Literacy, Steam & Culture (Global culture & Chinese Culture) is specially designed.