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We are pleased to announce the launching of the Marymount Professionals website!
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annual Fun Fair 2019
Date: 5 July 2019

The theme of this year was "Mythical Mystique". Students paid a lot of effort in designing their game booths and the visitors enjoyed the day.

Annual Annual Production 2019
Date: 5 & 6 July 2019

This year’s Annual Production was Lousia May Alcott’s much loved classic Little Women.

SPEECH Speech Day 2019
Date: 21 June 2019

The Annual Speech Day for the Class of 2019 was held on the 21 June 2019 at the MSS Auditorium....

Date: 17 June 2019

MSS LEAD+ Showcase was held in the Gym. Many guests, S1 and P5 students came and joined us in celebrating the endeavours of our S2 students ...

annual Teacher Appreciation Assembly
Date: 17 May 2019

Teacher Appreciation Assembly is a special time to honour our teachers and teaching staffs who lend their passion and skills to motivate, inspire and encourage our students.

Choir MSS Choir Performing at Catholic School Teachers' Day
Date: 16 May 2019

The MSS Choir had a performance at the Catholic School Teachers' Day in the HK Asia World Expo.
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LW MSS Annual Production, "Little Women"
Date: 5 and 6 July 2019

MSS Annual Production presents Louisa May Alcott’s "Little Women". Order your tickets now! ...

annual Swimming Gala
Date: 3 May 2019

Blessed by the warm and sunny weather, the annual Swimming Gala was successfully held in the Victoria Park Swimming Pool...

annual World CLC Day
Date: 25 Mar 2019

The assembly for World CLC day celebration was held on 25 March, 2019, with the help of the Student Council and the RAC. We were glad to have Dr. Joyce Ching as our honorable guest.

annual Good Samaritan Lunch
Date: 20 Mar 2019

The Good Samaritan Lunch is a major showcase in our school which organized by RAC and Student Council. Teachers and students were performing on stage...

annual Graduation Mass
Date: 8 Mar 2019

The S6 graduates held its Graduation Mass at the school hall. This assembly blessed graduates as they have reached a new chapter in life.

annual Chinese New Year Mass & Programme
Date: 31 Jan 2019

The school celebrated the coming of the Chinese New Year with a Mass and Programme. We were honoured to have Fr. Robert Ng, S.J. to be our celebrant.

annual TQ 2018
Date: 21 Dec 2018

The theme this year was "Nefelibata". Many talented students performed this evening. Congratulations to all the winners!

annual Christmas Programme
Date: 21 Dec 2018

A Christmas Musical Drama prepared by the RACs was performed to the school community to remind all the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of making wise decisions.

annual Sports Day 18
Date: 29 Nov & 11 Dec 2018

This year, competitors and cheering teams from all four houses participated enthusiastically. The whole sports ground was filled cheers and excitement.

sports Picnic Day 2018
Date: 16 Nov 2018

Teachers and students went to different places of Hong Kong to enjoy the picnic day. It was a relaxing and fun, and at the same time promoting greater class spirit.

annual Blood Donation 2018
Date: 29 Oct 2018

The annual Blood Donation drive of MSS was held in the school auditorium. Teachers and Students participated enthusiastically to donate blood to those in need through the HK Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service.

annual Flag Raising Ceremony
Date: 28 Sept 2018

28th of September Flag Raising Ceremony is organized by Civic Education Team. This event has enabled us to enhance our sense of belonging to our motherland.

annual Opening School Liturgy & Inauguration
Date: 21 Sept 2018

The Student Council representatives, RAC leaders, Service Team and Club chairladies were inaugurated this day to signify the commencement of their leadership roles for the school year 2018-2019

annual Life Wide Learning Day 2018
Date: 9 Sept 2018

Life-wide Learning is the day for students learning outside classrooms. Students can acquire different learning experiences through activities in the various areas.

annual Election 2018
Date: 3 & 6 Sept 2018

All nominees demonstrated strong leadership, creativity and passion for MSS on this thrilling and important day. Let's congratulate all the newly elected student leaders.

annual Welcoming Assembly
Date: 3 Sept 2018

The first day of school after summer vacation was an exciting time for both students and teachers. Students were all ready to meet the challenges of the new school year.

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