Summer Uniform
The summer uniform designed for Forms I to V students is an A-line, knee-length cotton dress with a pocket on each side and a zipper in front. It has a white pointed collar and short white sleeves. The uniform comes in a choice of two colours, blue and yellow. 
For Forms VI and VII students, the summer uniform is a white short-sleeved blouse matched with a blue and white, knee-length cotton skirt. 
Winter Uniform
In winter, the uniform for Forms I to V students is made up of a beige blouse or turtle-neck sweater worn with a rust-coloured woollen jumper.
The uniform for the Forms VI and VII students is a beige blouse buttoned at the back worn with a rust-coloured woollen skirt.
The Summer Cardigan is white in colour with the school badge embroidered in blue on it.
Winter Jacket

The winter jacket comes in two colors,camel and beige.

On the outer side of the jacket, there is a collar, and there is a school badge on the left. There are two pockets, one on the side of the jacket. Four buttons are found on the front and the buttons are specially designed with the school shield on them. There are also 2 buttons on both sides of the sleeves, and two straps to go along with them. The cuffs are adjustable.

On the inner side of the jacket, the upper lining is made of flannel, and the lower half has a padded lining. There is also a pocket on the inner lining of the jacket where you can put your personal belongings.