An Excerpt from the
Principal’s Address on Speech Day 2018

  ... This year’s Speech Day is very special to me. I have attended this occasion as a Graduate 40 years ago, as a Parent 10 years ago, as a Teacher and a Vice Principal for the past 30 years or so…and this evening, for the first time, I feel most honoured to welcome you as the Principal of MSS.

... And this evening, I extend my warmest welcome not just to Professor Tam but his family…Mrs. Amy Tam, and our very accomplished graduates Greta who is now Research Assistant Professor at the Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care, Faculty of Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong; and Isabel who was called to the Bar and is now serving in the Chambers of Denis Chang. I have known Professor Tam for many years and I know that in addition to being a very distinguished educationalist, he is also a very caring and concerned parent, a loving husband, and an excellent chorist. I am sure you will be inspired by what he has to share with us this evening.

At the School Level…
I am happy to share that we have made good progress in advancing our School Development Plan while aligning this with the Renewed Major Emphasis in Curriculum Reform.

As we complete the second year of our SDP, I am glad to report that our students have come to a more solid grasp of both the 21st Century Competencies and the Heroic Leadership Qualities which are our Major Concerns. This year, we have continued to provide our students with opportunities to develop as self-directed and reflective learners; and to become respectful and discerning persons with SELF-AWARENESS, INGENUITY, LOVE, and HEROISM.

I am glad to share that the feedback that we received from educational consultants – Mr. David Coles, Principal Chan Tak Hang, and EDB Officers of the Focused Inspection of our History and Economics Panels have affirmed that the strategies we are practicing are effective for our Major Concerns and our students are responding positively to them in the classrooms.

Values Education, STEM Education and Gifted Education have continued to play an important part in our formal and informal curriculum. This year, to reinforce our students’ appreciation of the History and Economic development of China, we will be organizing a one-day visit to the innovative industries in Shenzhen for our S2 and S3 students, and study tour to Xian for our S4 and S5 Chinese History students.

For our Students…
The past year has indeed been a very fruitful one. Our Graduates of 2017 who have done exceptionally well in their HKDSE Exam have continued with their studies either in Hong Kong or overseas. Of these, over 30% of them are pursing subjects of their interest at the University of Hong Kong. I am sure that our Graduates of 2018 will do as well, if not even better!

This evening in addition to congratulating our S6 Graduates for having completed an important stage of their life, we celebrate the achievements of our Award Winners who have worked hard and persevered for the recognition they have won. As you will see, our students have continued to excel in a good range of activities – in science projects and the literary arts; in debate, drama, music, dance, sports, and community service.

For our Teachers…
This year has also been a year of adventure in learning, for we have travelled to different parts of the world to equip ourselves with the values, the technology and the network to facilitate teaching and learning in a fast changing world…

• Two teachers travelled to the Silicon Valley in the USA to understand the impact of technology on education;
• Eight of us travelled to Taiwan to learn more about Positive Education and Ignatian Spiritualty;
• A total of 6 teachers, including myself, travelled to MIT in March to learn more about STEAM education and to experience the spirit of learning through mind and hand, trial and error.

Our teachers have returned energized, enthused and empowered to extend our curriculum and to enrich our formation programmes to prepare our students for handling the challenges ahead of them.

… May I take this opportunity to thank our School Sponsoring Body, the Christian Life Community for your guidance and trust in us. To our partners in education, our Parents and Alumnae I wish to express my appreciation for your unending support and collaboration with us.

... My heartfelt gratitude also goes to generous sponsors who have made possible the exciting learning adventures of our teachers – to the MSS Educational Trust for sponsoring the Technology Education Tour to the Silicon Valley; to the Christian Life Community for sponsoring the Teacher Formation Tour to Taiwan; and to Mr. Vic Lee, the Director of the Catalyst Education Lab, for sponsoring our learning experience at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

To the donors of the new scholarships that we present for the first time this year, we are most grateful. We wish to thank the late Ms. Gay Leung for dedicating the Tim Wing Hung Scholarships to recognize students who are gifted and outstanding in academic achievement and areas of achievement. We wish to thank the Christian Life Community again for sponsoring the Dr. Jessica Ho Memorial Scholarship for the Most Outstanding Student in Community Service. Your scholarship is not just a celebration of the life of Dr. Jessica Ho, an outstanding member of the CLC, but a recognition of the service that we offer to the marginalized.

And now my dear Graduates…
As Graduates of MSS, I hope you will not be complacent with an easy and simple life…but would welcome one that is challenging and fulfilling.

Here at MSS, we believe in enabling our students to stretch their potentials in order to achieve an all-round development…I salute all student leaders who have persisted in balancing your time between your studies and student activities in order to achieve the best in both areas.

Here at MSS, we believe in supporting our students to develop the resilience to withstand adversity. I salute the student warriors who have gone through physical and mental challenges but have fought against the odds to be with us today.

... As you journey through your studies and career, the knowledge that you have acquired today may become outdated, the skills inadequate, but what would grow strong with time would be the set of values and the positive attitude that we have instilled in you over your past 6 years at MSS. Hold fast to these and I am sure that you would make a difference by being a Graduate of Marymount…and we look forward to hearing from you your story of success in the next 10 or 20 years.

Good Luck!

Thank you!