The MSS Mentorship Programme (ˇ§the Programmeˇ¨) was introduced to the school by Catherine Fong, our alumna in 2003 and first launched in November, 2004. A committee consisting of a few alumnae and School teacher representatives manages the Programme (ˇĄThe Committteeˇ¨).

The Programme aims at the greater development of our students in moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual aspects. For the past fourteen years, the Programme has proved to be a success with a lot of positive feedback from both mentors and mentees. The Programme provides an avenue for Secondary 5 students to broaden their knowledge and increase their understanding of the nature of work in a wide range of careers under the guidance of our distinguished alumnae from different fields and walks of life and who serve as mentors. We aim to better prepare our students for further studies, career choices and enhance their personal development. Mentors can communicate with their mentee(s) via e-mail, whatsapp, over the phone and/or preferably in person. Whilst the Programme lasts for nine months each academic year, the Committee has noted that the valuable friendship developed between the mentor and mentee continues as they stay in touch to share views and experiences during their respective careers.

Guidelines for Mentors:

Arrange to meet with your mentee(s) at least twice a year.
Act as an advisor, friend, teacher, counselor to your mentee(s).
Share your success as well as failure stories with your mentee(s), especially personal qualities needed to achieve success.
Enable your mentees to understand the way to develop the skills and knowledge specific to a discipline/career.
Inculcate a sense of positive mindset and proactive mentality.
Provide honest and candid feedback.
Provide a job shadow experience or a visit to your workplace for mentee(s) if it can be arranged
Be a speaker in the career-oriented programmes for senior students at MSS (optional).
Participate in the Joint-school Interview Workshop held annually in March/April/May.

We hope that the Programme not only benefits mentees but provides a platform to strengthen the network of MSS alumnae. The success of the Programme relies very much on your participation and we welcome our alumnae to register as a mentor by completing and returning to us the form attached. Your generous support is very much appreciated.

MSS Mentorship Committee Members
Dr. Eadaoin Hui
Mrs. Catherine Li
Retired teacher and alumna
Mrs. Irene Tung
Ms. Yvonne Wong
Teacher and alumna
Ms. Caroline Li
Ms. Barbara Chan
Ms. Asha Sharma
Ms. Annalisa Lee
Ms. Karen Ho
Ms. Shirley Wong
Ms. Phoebe Tse


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