In order to further improve the communication channels between the school and parents, the school will be acquiring a home-school communication system for the MSS community. This will be replacing the current SMS messaging method with a smart phone application (ˇ§APPˇ¨) starting from September 1, 2015.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with answers.

The school hopes that this webpage would help answer some of the commonly asked questions regarding the coming application. Please contact the school office, if there is still any further inquiries by telephone or by emailing to .

  Please click here to see the PDF slides or here to see a video for a brief introduction and explanation of the Enhance of Home-School Communication (School Circulars and Notices).
Getting Started Guide
  Click here to see the "Getting Started Guide".
What is the name of the APP? Where can I download it?

It is called "Teamwork School Messenger" developed by TalkBox Limited.

It can be download for free at Apple's App Store or Google Play.

If I don't have a smart phone or my phone cannot download APPs, will I still receive the school circulars and notices?

Yes. For the coming years, school circulars and notices will be issued electronically and on paper. Students will continue to bring home the hardcopies of all school announcements.

In addition, parents and students can access Teamwork School Messenger through their computers by entering the following link in their web browser...


Will my phone numbers be shown on this APP?  
  No. Parents will be logging onto the APP through accounts issued by the school. So, there is no need to input mobile phone numbers.
I don't know how to install or use the APP. Will there be any training for parents?

Yes. The school will be organizing a training session at the beginning of the coming school year for parents on the installation and usage of the APP. And, at the end of the session, there will be some technicians staying behind to assist parents to install the APP.

An alternative is to click on the link below. It is a video uploaded on YouTube that demonstrates on how to install the application.


How would the school know that it is the parent who replied the circulars/notices and not some one else?
  Parents will need use "confirmation passwords" in order to reply any circulars/notices. As long as parents safeguard their passwords, all replies should be secured.